The World’s Fastest Growing Startups

Fortune’s annual ranking of the world’s fastest-growing companies is a must-read for any entrepreneur looking to grow their business. It measures the revenue and stock returns of the top companies in a variety of sectors. This year’s list is dominated by the financial sector, which accounted for one-third of the winners. Tech companies, meanwhile, were represented by 19 of the top 50. Facebook, which has been on the list for seven years, fell to 90th place from 52 in 2020, but made the list for the seventh time in a row. The average age of the companies on this list has increased to 45 from 40 in 2020.

Other fast-growing startups include StreamYard and Affirm, which use cloud computing to create a new class of content creators. These companies are often hyped by big-time content gurus, and StreamYard has become a highly sought-after company for this purpose. Its founder, Geige Vandentop, is credited with propelling the startup to $250M valuation. For those interested in joining a fast-growing startup, the team is looking for people who possess gump, empathy, creativity, and humility.

Germany is one of the world’s most promising startup hubs, with Germany renowned for its economic prowess, efficiency, and sustainability. There are several standout companies based in Germany, including SoundCloud, Zalando, Flixbus, HelloFresh, and Viadeo. The country has its own digital hubs, and access to industry leaders. According to a recent report by the Federal Ministry of Economics, EUR19.7 billion will be invested in startups in Germany by 2021.

The company has been ranked among the fastest-growing startups in recent years. The list features several innovative startups, ranging from a full-service digital marketing agency to an employee-centric podcast. Another top startup, Gumroad, has been instrumental in helping over 100K creators to monetize their content and make over $565M in sales. It also boasts an in-house “university” and a blog. Another startup, Ecobot, is an app that helps environmental scientists complete forms and facilitates the completion of environmental consulting projects. The company has already acquired 80K users in a month.

The company’s success has led to its transformation into a unicorn. In less than 20 months, Mensa Brands has become the fastest business to become a unicorn, and will have raised $135 million in Series B funding by 2021. It has grown rapidly by acquiring digital first brands and scaling them domestically and internationally. The next big unicorn? The company’s Paytm Mall. With a $1.3 billion valuation, it will be a unicorn in 2021.

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