Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

You may not know it, but every entrepreneur should have at least a few books on their shelves. These can help you get through the ups and downs of building a business. There are many books on the market that can teach you how to succeed in your new business, and some of them are better than others. But which ones should you read first?

Rob Cubbon’s book The New Freedom

The New Freedom by Rob Cubbon et al is an informative, engaging and entertaining read. Its author is no slouch, having penned a slew of books spanning topics ranging from web design to blogging. If you’re looking for a new way to earn a living, or simply want to shake up your stale routine, this book is a definite must have. In a nutshell, it’s a blueprint for reinventing your career to suit your own needs. With an emphasis on freelancing, the neophyte is sure to pick up some tips on how to find freelance gigs and land the elusive contract of a lifetime. For starters, you’ll be armed with a nifty checklist of sorts. Whether you’re ready to take the leap, or just want to know which of your coworkers is the coolest, this book can help.

Seth Godin’s Purple Cow

Seth Godin is a marketing expert who is known for writing “Purple Cow”, one of the most popular marketing books. This book is a must-read for entrepreneurs.

The Purple Cow concept is a unique approach to marketing. The idea is to create a remarkable product that stands out from the competition.

In his book, Seth Godin explains the principles behind the purple cow strategy. He offers examples of successful products and marketing strategies.

The author, Seth Godin, says it’s important to be an opposite of what is normally seen. This way, people will be attracted to your product. And if your product is good, they will tell their friends.

A purple cow is an unusual object that attracts attention from a specific section of the population. It can be a car, a building, or even an idea.

Alexander Osterwalder’s book

Alexander Osterwalder is a Swiss management theorist, entrepreneur, and strategy consultant. His work has helped change the way many companies do business. As a result, he has become one of the most highly sought after speakers in the industry. He has published several books, including High Impact Tools for Teams, The Invincible Company, Testing Business Ideas, and the bestselling The Lean Startup.

His most popular book to date, Business Model Generation, is a must read for any aspiring entrepreneur. This book uses a strategic management template called the “Business Model Canvas” to help businesses describe and analyze their business models. A 470-practitioner consortium from 45 countries co-authored the book.

As a result, the book has sold more than a million copies in 30 languages worldwide. It has even been nominated for the “best of the best” list by USA Today.

Rework by Scott Gerber

Rework by Scott Gerber is a great book for any entrepreneur. The author shares some of the secrets he learned during his successful career. His insights are very practical and affordable.

Rework challenges the reader’s preconceived assumptions about strategy and customers. It encourages a more personal and human approach to business. This book is ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs, artists who want to survive, and anyone who’s tired of their day job.

Rework gives readers counterintuitive ideas to make their businesses succeed. One such idea is to ditch traditional marketing and find your own voice.

The book covers a wide range of topics from productivity to time management to effective morning routines. It includes information from top-notch business experts, including iconic investors, financial planners, and successful entrepreneurs.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is one of the best self-help books for entrepreneurs. This book is based on the interviews of the world’s most successful people. The book explains the thirteen steps that will help you grow rich.

The book was written in 1937 and has sold over 70 million copies worldwide. It has been credited as the founding document of the personal success movement.

Hill compiled the findings of his research into a book that has become an instant classic. He interviewed 500 successful men over a 20-year period. These men included Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller, and Andrew Carnegie.

He also studied Thomas Edison, Charles Schwab, F.W. Woolworth, and many other great names in business. By analyzing these people, he found the secrets behind their success. His study helped him write Think and Grow Rich.

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